The GIN Wide Open is THE fun comp and the most popular paragliding competition in the world; featuring:

  • the best parties

  • the most prizes, and

  • the easiest tasks



Kruševo in Northern Macedonia is a World class paragliding venue well known for it’s exceptionally reliable flying conditions. Conditions are generally milder than the Alps. There are endless easy land out opportunities and it’s prefect for mixed mountain and flatland task setting.  As a venue for your first competition its hard to beat.

it’s LESS competition and MORE having fun

Less about full bar racing and more about flying with friends old and new, this is a social event with the emphasis on fun and learning.

The GIN Wide Open is the perfect introduction to competition flying and a great chance to learn from top GIN Team pilots.

With daily lectures, including task briefs  and debriefs and top guest speakers you can expect to learn more than ever about XC and competition flying and  dramatically improve your flying skills and decision making.

Waiting for you: thousands of euros worth of great prizes, including a brand new GIN wing, harnesses, holidays and much much more.

Every year, the fun, friendly and supportive environment attracts pilots from all over the world (last year more than 40 countries!)

Whilst pilots should have some previous XC experience, this event is aimed at EN-B and EN-C pilots.  Big prizes are dished out at the famous GIN Wide Open Prize Draw (nothing to do with your flying results!)


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