Ager has accommodation options to suit all budgets. The camping and bungalow options are ideal because they are centrally located right next to the competition HQ.

Camper-vans and Tents

The Camping d’Ager campsite are the hosts for the GIN Wide Open.  All the facilities you need including electricity, toilets & hot showers, restaurant & bar, swimming pool, Wifi, and the competition HQ are all within 2 minutes walk of the camping pitches.  For camping there is no need to pre-book, simply register at the front desk on arrival.

Please note that the front gate is locked between the hours of 10pm and 8am so remember to arrive during the daytime if you need vehicle access.

Bungalows (Standard and Espais)

The bungalows are  an excellent accommodation option and come in two flavours:  There are 10 standard bungalows and a further 10 brand new and much classier bungalows. The classier (hotel style) bungalows (Espais) come with breakfast included.  For details of these bungalows please see the campsite website.

Bungalows can only be booked via the GIN Wide Open organisers.  In order to maximise the number of pilots staying close to the HQ, we will only accept bookings for those sharing. Please email Mike to reserve :

Hotels & Apartments

There are several “pensions” and hotel options in and around Ager.

Hotel and Apartament Cal Maciarol– various options

Various accommodation options in a beautiful location. 5 minute drive to Competition HQ:

Apartament Vall d’Ager – Apartment for rent

Modern 2 bedroom apartment, 5 minute walk to Competition HQ:  weblink

Casa Caminer – Large Apartment for rent

Modern refurbished. Sleeps up to 14. Five minute drive from HQ.  Get in touch with organisers to book:  weblink

Alberg Vall d’Ager – Hostel

Hostel accommodation with options of rooms for 2, 4 or 6 people, 5 minute walk to Competition HQ:

Hotel Restaurant Port d’Ager

Higher quality hotel 3km from Ager:

Casa Contorna – Apartments to rent (Agullo)

2 and 3 bedroom apartments to rent in lovely village of Agullo, 4km from Ager:

La Caseta del Montsec – House to rent (Fontdepou)

Self contained 2 bedroom house in quiet village, 3.5km from Ager:

Hotel Restaurant Terradets

Quality hotel a 15 drive from Ager:

Casa Lucas

House for rent in the village of Ager.