Pilot Entry Requirements 2023

The GIN Wide Open rules are documented in full here:  GWO Rules 2023  

The following is a summary of pilot entry requirements for 2023:

Paragliding Equipment

You will NOT be allowed to compete unless you have a certified wing, certified harness, certified reserve AND certified flying helmet.


Gliders must be EN certified.  EN-D Gliders are not permitted.

Gliders must be flown in their certified configuration and must not be modified in any  way. Gliders must be flown in their certified weight range.  Failure to meet certification requirements will result in disqualification of the pilot from the competition and the event.  Check your weight before we do!  Any pilot found to be flying outside the certified weight range will be disqualified.

Harnesses and Helmet

These should be suitable for paragliding and should meet the requirements as defined in FAI Section 7.


All pilots must carry a ‘certified’ reserve parachute on all flights.

Additional Equipment

    • GPS which records a 3D track log.
    • 2M Radio
    • Smart phone

Pilot Identification

The identity of a pilot will be proved by an identification document issued by or on behalf of the government of the pilot’s country or country of residence according to Section 7 rules.

Pilot Age

Qualified pilots aged under 18 are allowed to compete, provided they are supervised by a parent/legal guardian.

Flying Experience

The GWO is a fun competition.  For many participants this will be their first ever competition and whilst you certainly don’t need to be a top XC pilot, you should have some previous XC experience and be able to fly safely with others.  Whilst not a requirement of entry, it is also highly recommended that you have completed a Wing Control / SIV Course.


All participating pilots must hold the following documents.  You will be required to produce these at registration:

    • Paragliding Licence
    • An FAI Sporting Licence (Contact your national paragliding association)
    • Insurance documents (see below)


All participating pilots must have a valid medical health care insurance (covering all hospital expenses, rescue and repatriation), including:

    • Proof in English of third party liability insurance (Euro 750k minimum)
    • Proof in English of medical evacuation and repatriation

A statement from your insurance company in ‘English’ must be shown at registration, proving that you have met the insurance requirements and must include a 7 day 24 hour emergency contact number in case of accident.