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4 steps to get a place at the GIN Wide Open 2022

  1. Complete the form below.  At a minimum you will need to complete all fields marked with an asterisk.  Click the orange button
  2. Check your email: We just sent you a confirmation email.  If you can’t find it in your inbox remember to check your spam folder and be sure to white-list our email address (by dragging the email into your inbox).  This will ensure you receive notification emails from us.
  3. Wait for Selection:  On the selection date (Jan 4th (1st round) and Feb 4th (second round)) expect an email letting you  know whether or not you have been successful.
  4. Get ready to secure your place.  If you are lucky enough to get a place, you will have about 2 weeks to accept and pay your deposit.

Important:  Each and every individual entry must have a unique email address.  (If you apply a second time using the same email address your original application will be overwritten).